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Commissioned Paintings

nudey judy series

Album Cover Art

I am so lucky to have been able to collaborate with a few incredible musical artists on art for their records. With very little musical talent of my own, making cover art is about as close to releasing an album as I will ever be.

JF Facebook cover.jpg

"just friends"

Just friends cover.jpg

I collaborated with musicians/ producers Evan Starr and Naxxar (Jeremy Colorundo) on this piece for their song "Just Friends", released in Spring 2022. It is a digital collage using everything but the kitchen sink, scans of old playboys, pictures I took on my roadtrip out west, Evan's teddy bear, my dog, we wanted to create a "Where's Waldo" type of image with hidden gems everywhere you looked. The image to the right is the cover for the song and then moving clockwise, the back of cover, the cover formatted for Instagram Stories and then for a Facebook banner

IG story JF.jpg


Annaliese knew from the beginning she wanted to have a very funky and colorful cover for her song art. She sent me the photo of her sitting on her bed and a few other inspiration images and she let me just go crazy from there. The buildings in background are ones in Boston where Annaliese goes to school and I also made sure to include her beloved rescue pup Harley on either side of the bed. I had a lot of fun combining illustration with collage to create this crazy graphic for such a great tune. 


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